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EMV Cards And What They Mean For Members – Six Things You Should Know About The New Technology

EMV Cards Coming Soon!

Members will begin receiving new credit cards and debit cards as their existing cards near the expiration date. In the meantime, please read below for answers to frequently asked questions.


The new EMV shift will be coming later this year. EMV stands for European MasterCard VISA. The new EMV cards have a “chip” embedded in them and it is the new standardized security measure to help prevent card fraud and theft.

Many of you will be seeing this new feature in your Credit Union credit and debit cards. With the change comes questions and your Credit Union wants you to be ready for a smooth transition.

Why change to an EMV chip card? What’s the benefit?

EMV chip cards provide enhanced security. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, when an EMV card is used for payment, the chip creates a unique code that cannot be used again. If there is an attempt by fraudsters to duplicate the code, the transaction will be denied.

How do I use my EMV card to make a purchase?

Easy – insert your EMV card face up in the chip-enabled terminal. You should know that your credit or debit card will remain in the terminal while your transaction is processed. Transactions conducted over the phone or online will remain the same.

Will I have to sign or use a PIN for my transactions?

It will depend on your EMV card. Chip and PIN cards operate just like debit cards. Most EMV will be chip-and-signature cards, similar to your credit card.

Will my EMV support near field communication (NFC) processing?

Yes, EMV cards can be used for contactless card processing.

Can I use my EMV chip card for travel?

Chip technology is already in wide use around the world. This makes traveling locally and internationally a breeze.

What if a retailer doesn’t support my EMV card?

No problem – Most retailers are required to have EMV payment processing terminals in place by October 2015, but you may not have the option to use your EMV chip card while making certain purchases. This is why EMV cards will initially include both a chip and a magnetic stripe to allow merchants time to adjust to the change.

APCO Employees Credit Union will be issuing EMV credit and debit cards later this year and into 2016. More information will follow.