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Summertime Spending Tips

Everybody loves summer, right? School is out. Students are graduating. Friends are getting married. And everybody’s thinking about vacay! Trouble is, the costs for all that fun can add up and sink your savings goals in the process. The good news is that with a little planning,  you and your family can enjoy all that summer has to offer, without busting your budget.

Here Are Some Ideas:

Visit During the Off-Season. If you couldn’t swing Thanksgiving in Arizona or Christmas in the tropics, summer is your time to visit. Destinations like these, that draw big crowds in winter, tend to slow down in the hotter summer months. If you can take the heat, you can snag some great deals during the off-season.

Rethink Movie Night. Put that carpool to good use and catch the summer blockbusters at the drive-in. Old-fashioned drive-ins still exist, and sometimes cost less than a show at the movie theater. Summertime is a great time to find free movie showings at the park or other venues. Check your local publications to see if there are any free movie events near you, or alternatively, stay in and rent a movie.

Skip the Cash Gifts. While it’s true that cash is a one-size-fits-all gift for new grads, it’s not very personal. If you have lots of students to remember, you could easily zero-out your checking account. Instead, consider giving each of the students in your life a book that’s been influential in your life.

Take a Staycation. Become a tourist in your hometown. Make a list of all the activities you’ve been meaning to do and get out there and do it! Take a camping trip to a nearby state park, or spend the weekend at a local resort with friends. You might be able to find some last minute deals that make the stay affordable. For events happening throughout the state, visit

Make it a Potluck. Backyard barbecues are a summer staple, but when you’re footing the bill for everybody’s burgers, sides, drinks and desserts, the tab can run a little high. Next time you play host, ask each of your guests to bring something. Most people love to pitch in on a party, and even non-cooks can help by bringing things like soft drinks, ice, and disposable dinnerware.

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