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Are you overwhelmed with credit card bills? Let your Credit Union help with a low interest rate APCO VISA Credit Card.

For a limited time, APCO is giving you the opportunity to transfer your credit card balance to your APCO Platinum VISA Credit Card for a special 1.9% APR. The 1.9% balance transfer interest rate is good for six months, giving you the opportunity to pay off debt at a MUCH lower interest rate than your current credit card.

Paying off debt at 1.9% APR versus your current interest rate could save you hundreds of dollars in interest.

The balance transfer option is available to all eligible APCO Employees Credit Union members. If you already have an APCO Platinum VISA account, simply contact us to set up the balance transfer. If you do not have an APCO Platinum VISA Credit Card, visit to begin the application process. Once your account is approved, we will help you set up your balance transfer.

If your checking account is still at a bank, it’s time to check out checking at the Credit Union. Your Credit Union has the best checking bargain around. And it’s yours for the asking.

An APCO checking account will do everything a regular checking account will do, but instead of costing you money each month, it’ll actually pay you. There are no monthly service charges, no minimum balances, and no transaction fees to worry with. All you pay for are your checks and at a price of only $16.00 for 150, our basic checks save you money on every order.

If you’re tired of on-going bank service charges and being nickeled and dimed to death, you should look into an APCO checking account.

Our checking accounts feature:

  • No monthly service charges
  • No minimum balances
  • We pay you interest
  • Free debit card
  • Free online banking
  • Direct Deposit available
  • Overdraft protection available
  • Free online bill pay

APCO checking accounts are easy to open. You sign some papers, tell us how you want your checks printed, and that’s it. From then on you’ll be handling your financial business the Credit Union way every single day!

Call or stop by any of our offices and open your APCO checking account today. You’ll be glad you did.


  • Your Credit Union is happy to provide InstaQuote as a service to our members. Now you can shop, quote and buy the life insurance you need directly on our website.
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  • Everybody makes mistakes. Opt-In and let us pay overdrafts on your everyday debit card transactions. Visit our website and enroll today.
  • Opening or adding to your APCO IRA is a great way to take control of your financial future. Call or stop by and talk with one of our IRA experts today.
  • Credit Union membership is the gift that keeps on giving. Let your family in on a good thing. Have your relatives stop by or call and join today. We will treat them like family.
  • Check out our online mortgage center on our home page under Quick Links. You’ll have the power to research various mortgage products, search for rate quotes, and apply for a loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you have a substantial retirement fund, or are just getting started in today’s economy, there are some real challenges that are making it difficult to reach your goals. We’re still feeling the impact of the financial crisis and its fallout. There’s ongoing market volatility that leads to new risks. And, to add even more pressure, we have historically low interest rates. That can mean a pretty difficult picture when it comes to your real rate of return.

When planning for retirement, most believe there are only two investment options available: high risk and possible returns with stock market investments, or low returns offered with CDs and Money Markets. However, there are investment alternatives that can provide a steady and protected return on investment. Your Credit Union is hosting the financial education series, Return to Conservative Investing. The seminar will cover the following:

1. Current “headwinds” when saving
2. Basic financial planning concepts
3. Bucket strategy planning tool
4. CDs vs. annuities for conservative investing
5. Benefits of fixed, index and immediate annuities
6. Retirement income planning

We’ll help you consider your goals, and review your options for conservative investing. And together, we’ll evaluate the role these alternative investment options can play to meet your financial needs. Seminar dates and times will be announced soon. Be on the look out for seminar details at a branch near you or on our website.

For more information on this and other financial topics or for a complimentary financial consultation contact Mike Lewallen at 205.226.6866.

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Your Credit Union hears from members every year about a variety of scams and frauds. Many are new twists on existing scams, but scammers get more sophisticated every year in how they spoof trusted names and fool consumers. The Better Business Bureau compiled a list of the Top Ten Scams of 2014:

#10 Sweepstakes Scam: You’ve won a contest! Or the lottery! All you have to do to claim your prize is to pay some fees or taxes in advance so they can release your prize. This is not a new scam, but it is a perennial problem.

#9 Click Bait Scam: This one takes many forms, but the most notorious of the past year was when the Malaysian Airline plane went missing (“click here for video”). Other click bait schemes use celebrity images, fake news, and other enticing stories to get you to unintentionally download malware.

#8 Robocall Scam: The notorious “Rachel from Cardholder Services” made a resurgence in 2014. This scam claims to lower your credit card interest rates and takes personal information including your credit card number and then charges fees to your card.

#7 Government Grant Scam: You get a call saying you’ve been awarded a government grant for thousands of dollars. It may even mention a program you’ve heard about in the news. All you have to do is pay a couple hundred in fees by wire transfer or prepaid debit card.

#6 Emergency Scam: You get a call or email from your grandchild or other relative who was injured, robbed or arrested while traveling overseas and needs money ASAP.

#5 Medical Alert Scam: You get a call or a visit from a company claiming a concerned family member ordered you a medical alert device. They take your credit card or banking information but you never receive anything.

#4 Copycat Website Scam: An email, text message or social media post about a terrific sale or new product arrives. You click through and it looks just like a popular retailer’s site. But when you order, you either get a cheap counterfeit or nothing at all… and now they have your credit card number!

#3 “Are You Calling Yourself?” Scam: Scammers can make it look like it’s coming from anywhere. The latest trick puts your number in the Caller ID, which piques your curiosity and gets you to pick up the phone or return the call…and then they’ve snagged you in whatever scam they are running.

#2 Tech Support Scam: A call or a popup on your computer claims to be from Microsoft (or Norton, or Apple) about a problem on your computer. They say if you give “tech support” access to your hard drive, they can fix it. Instead, they install malware on your computer and start stealing your personal information.

And the top Scam of the Year, because it’s just so terrifying, is:

#1 Arrest Scam: You receive an ominous phone call from someone claiming to be a police officer or government agent (often the IRS in the United States or the CRA in Canada). They are coming to arrest you for overdue taxes or for skipping out on jury duty…but you can avoid it by sending them money via a prepaid debit card or wire transfer. For more information visit

Be safe out there!


My Virtual StrongBox is an online safe deposit box and it’s FREE to APCO members who use our online banking service. My Virtual StrongBox blends online convenience with safe deposit box security.

Take advantage of My Virtual StrongBox by signing up for our free online banking service today on our website. If you’re already using APCO online banking, just log in. Then, click on the My Virtual Strongbox link and start storing your documents with this free easy to use service. For step by step instructions, visit


Your Credit Union has been made aware of a text messaging scam involving credit unions in the state of Alabama.

If you receive a text message asking you to verify your account information, do NOT click the link or submit any information. As a reminder, APCO Employees Credit Union will NEVER contact you via text, email or phone and ask you to verify your account information. Please know that your financial information has NOT been compromised and is secure with your Credit Union.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 205-226-6896, toll free at 1-800-249-2726, or via our website at

The winter weather that impacted the northern third of Alabama last week has forced your Credit Union to reschedule its Annual Meeting.

The 61st Annual Membership Meeting of APCO Employees Credit Union, which was originally scheduled for March 5, has been moved to Thursday, March 19, 2015. The meeting will be held at the Corporate Headquarters Building of Alabama Power Company in Birmingham. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be held in the first floor auditorium. Free, secure parking will be available for members in the parking deck.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and we hope to see you there.


The winter weather impacting the northern third of Alabama has forced your Credit Union to close some of its branches earlier than normal today and reschedule its Annual Meeting.

All branches from Shelby County northward are closing at 10 a.m. today. This includes:

Main branch in downtown Birmingham
Alabama Power HQ

*Jasper is closed all day today

The remaining branches will operate as normal today. This list includes:

West Mobile

Your Credit Union’s 61st Annual Membership Meeting, which was scheduled for this evening, has been moved to Thursday, March 19, 2015. The meeting will be held at the Corporate Headquarters Building of Alabama Power Company in Birmingham. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be held in the first floor auditorium. Free, secure parking will be available for members in the parking deck.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and we hope to see you there.

also power run 2015

Come join your Credit Union in supporting the Alabama Power Service Organization’s 7th Annual Power Run this Saturday, March 7, at Veterans Park in Hoover, Al. All proceeds will benefit the YMCA’s Youth Development Program.

The 5k race will begin at Veterans Park located off of Valleydale Road in Hoover, AL. The race presents a relatively flat course through the park. Part of the course runs on a trail through the woods with scenic views of the lake.

There is a ½ Mile Kids Run around the park for children 10 and under. This is a family event including inflatables and children’s workout activities.

Registrations Costs:

  • 5k Power Run – $35
  • ½ Mile Kids Run – $10
  • Kids Activities – FREE

5k Participants will receive a Power Run Tech Race Shirt
½ Mile Kids Run Participants will receive a Cotton Race Shirt

Packet Pickup
APC Corporate HQ Atrium:
Thursday, March 5, Time: 11AM – 6PM
Friday, March 6, Time: 11AM – 6PM

Race Day Schedule
7:30 AM – Packet Pickup and Late Registration at Veterans Park
8:15 AM – Race Registration Packet Pickup Closes
8:30 AM – 5k Start
9:30 AM – ½ Mile Kids Run 9 For ages 10 & under)
10:00 AM – Awards Ceremony

5k – Overall Top 3 Males and Females in Age Brackets
½ Mile Kids Run – All participants will receive an award

To Register, visit