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As an APCO member, the CO-OP Shared Branch network provides you access to your APCO account in more than 4500 locations across the state and around the world. Find a credit union service center on the go or near your home when you need to make a deposit, withdrawal, or payment.

Your Credit Union has increased the monthly number of cost free transactions for members using CU Service Center locations from 4 to 8. Look for the CO-OP logo the next time you need credit union services when you’re not close to an APCO branch.

What is it?

My Virtual StrongBox is the online answer to safe deposit boxes and it’s FREE to APCO members who use our free online banking service. My Virtual StrongBox blends online convenience with safe deposit box security. This service lets you store important documents online and access them where you want, when you want.

• Securely share important documents with your doctor, your lawyer, your accountant or members of your family
• Upload documents quickly and easily from any browser or from the custom iPad app
• Avoid unsecure online storage solutions and data loss due to computer failure or natural disaster
• APCO online banking users receive 25 megabytes of free storage
• Buy additional storage space easily

Safe and Secure

Your documents are protected by several layers of security, including:

• Multi-factor authentication
• Secure, protected servers
• Encrypted file uploads

Rest easy knowing your most important files are secure, no matter what happens.

Free Service

Take advantage of My Virtual StrongBox by signing up for our free online banking service today on our website. If you’re already using APCO online banking, just log in. Then, click on the My Virtual StrongBox link and start storing your documents with this easy to use service.


APCO Investment Services* is a personal financial management service designed exclusively for Credit Union members that provides a variety of investment programs that complement your savings.

It’s the essence of partnership. The following products and services are just some of the options that are now available to you:

• Retirement Planning
• Mutual Funds
• Financial Planning
• Stocks and Bonds
• Annuities
• Wealth Management

Your APCO Investment Services Representative, Mike Lewallen, will work with you to create a personal financial blueprint to help you achieve your financial objectives.

As your full financial partner, our focus has, and always will be, on your needs – from current to future. Our investment services program lets you design, build and strengthen your financial future easily and conveniently, and in a familiar setting you visit regularly.

To learn more about APCO Investment Services, give Mike a call at 205-226-6866 or visit for valuable information about taking advantage of this service.

*Securities sold, advisory services offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. (CBSI), member FINRA/SIPC. Not NCUA/NCUSIF/ FDIC insured. May Lose Value, No Financial Institution Guarantee. Not a deposit of any financial institution.


Real estate costs are one of the largest elements of most household budgets. As interest rates change, home mortgage check ups can help determine whether refinancing at the current interest rate could save you money.

Mortgage rates are at historic lows, so if you are in the market for one, your timing is perfect. But whether you are financing a new home or refinancing your current one, it’s a major decision and one in which you should proceed with care.


Apply Online

Our Online Mortgage Center gives you the power to research various mortgage products, search for rate quotes, and apply for a loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You have a busy schedule and we know that it can be challenging to get done everything you need to do during traditional business hours. With our mortgage website you don’t have to worry about the time of day or even the day of the week because we are always open — online.

Your unique user name and password enable you to start and save your application.


The Path To Your New Loan Is Simple

A unique application is created for you based on your answers and personal situation. We explain the different loan types available and what you can expect during the loan process in real-life language.

Our calculators let you try out “what if” scenarios so that you can feel confident you have selected the best loan product for you.


Fixed Rate Mortgages

Your Credit Union has 30 year fixed rate mortgages with a great rate of 3.95%. You may also want to check our 15 year fixed rate mortgage plan that offers a rate of 3.25%.

Many people are discovering that by increasing their payment by 10% to 20% they can get a better rate, cut their repayment period in half, and save thousands of dollars in interest over the traditional 30 year mortgage. The maximum amount on a fixed rate mortgage is $425,000.


Low Closing Costs

Not only does your Credit Union save you money with great mortgage rates, we also save you money with lower closing costs!

The Credit Union charges you for only direct costs associated with the closing of your loan and we do not mark them up. No discount points, buy downs, or other maneuvers that take money right out of your pocket.

Typical closing costs on a mortgage loan at your Credit Union would be half to two-thirds what other lenders will charge. Visit our website to see how APCO Credit Union compares with area banks.


Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan

The current 30 year ARM rate is 2.75%, lower than our standard fixed rate. Your Credit Union also offers a 5/1 ARM with a fixed rate of 2.45% for the first five years. A 5/1 ARM offers immediate savings with a lower initial interest rate so it may be a good option for a lower cost mortgage alternative.


Homeline Equity Loans

With an APCO Homeline equity loan, you can take the equity you’ve established in your home and turn it into a personal line of credit up to $100,000. Once your loan is closed, you can use money from your established line of credit when you need it… for whatever reason you please.


Visit Us Today

If you’d like to learn more about any of our real estate loans, just call, visit us online, or stop by one of our offices. No obligation. Just your opportunity to make sure your current mortgage makes sense and to see if we can save you money with one of our low cost APCO loans.

*All rates quoted as APR and subject to change.


Why go to the Credit Union when we can bring the Credit Union to you? All you need is internet access or a phone and you can start banking online or by phone from your own place at your own pace.


Call Center Expanded

We have expanded our call center at the Main Office and added additional staff members for your convenience. Our call center has a local Birmingham number (205-226-6800) and a toll free number (800-249-2726) for those living outside the Birmingham area. Give us a call!


Online Banking… Complete Convenience

Online banking is fast, flexible and free. You’ll be able to check balances, check your account activity, and transfer funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And, free Virtual StrongBox digital storage is also available to members using our free online banking. Call or stop by any of our offices for a MAP application or complete the MAP form online. Then mail it, email it, or drop it by and we’ll get you set up.


Online Bill Pay… Complete Control

If you like the convenience of banking online, you’ll like paying your bills online, too. No more stamps, no more writing bills, and no more worrying about getting by a mailbox. Just spend a minute or two setting up your account online, then get ready to pay your bills with a quick click of your mouse.

The APCO call center and APCO online banking are the better ways to bank. Because you’re busy living.


Are you tired of being nickeled and dimed by your bank checking account?

Why not move your checking to the Credit Union and discover what other members already know: Checking the Credit Union way pays you.

Look at what the banks typically charge:

  • A monthly maintenance fee (regardless of how many checks a month you write)
  • Per-check fees if you go over a certain number of checks per month
  • ATM fees for withdrawing cash
  • Debit card fees when you use your debit card to purchase goods and services


Why Wait?

An APCO checking account will do everything a regular checking account will do but, instead of costing you money each month, it will actually pay you.

There are no monthly service charges, no minimum balances, and no transaction fees. We even pay dividends on your APCO checking account. All you pay for are your checks and at a low price, our basic check saves you money on every order.


Rewards For You

Not only does your Credit Union offer the best checking bargain around, we now give you rewards for simply swiping your debit card.

You earn points by simply using your APCO debit card for everyday purchases. You will then receive a certificate that will include all rewards points you have earned in the preceding 3-month period. You can redeem your points right away or accrue your points and accumulate them toward a higher point category.

Consider APCO Rewards our little “Thank You” for being a loyal member.

You’ve already started earning points toward great rewards. If you don’t already have an APCO debit card, now is a great time to get one!


Start Now

So, if you are tired of service charges or per-check fees, maybe you should look into an APCO checking account. Our checking accounts feature:

  • No monthly service charges – No minimum balances
  • We pay you interest
  • Free debit cards
  • Free online banking
  • Overdraft Protection and Privilege
  • Direct Deposit Available

Credit Union checking accounts are easy to open. You sign some papers, tell us how many debit cards you need, and that’s it. From then on you’ll be handling your financial business the Credit Union way every single day!

Call or stop by any of our offices and open your APCO checking account today. You’ll be glad you did.


To learn more about APCO Rewards, please visit


  • Transfer your auto, SUV or truck loan to APCO from another lender and get a rate as low as 2.9% APR for up to 60 months and a $100 rebate. New Car? Get a 1.9% APR interest rate on a new car loan for up to 60 months.
  • Your Credit Union has added 17 ATMs in Appliance Sales and Payment Centers of the Alabama Power Company. Stop by and let one of our new ATMs be of service to you.
  • My Virtual StrongBox is an added feature of Online Banking. My Virtual StrongBox lets you store, protect, and keep copies of your most important documents right at your fingertips. Log in or sign up for APCO Online Banking and start storing your documents today!
  • Everybody makes mistakes. Let us cover yours! Opt-In and let us pay overdrafts on your ATM and everyday debit card transactions.
  • Effective September 1, 2014, accounts with a bad address on file and no activity in a year or more will be charged an abandoned account fee of $3 per month. Please make sure all of your account information is up to date and correct.


Instant Issue term life insurance can be thought of as a quick solution to your life insurance needs.

This process allows you to get approval for term life insurance for up to $350K in coverage within minutes of completing an application. It allows you to compare, shop, buy and be approved all in the same day.

Getting instant coverage allows you to be protected as soon as possible without a medical exam instead of having to go through a full underwriting process and then waiting for approval.

Not unlike “traditional” term policies, the Instant Issue term life insurance online application process will ask you to provide some information regarding your general health and lifestyle: things like height, weight, smoking habits, and existing health conditions like cholesterol and blood pressure. Aside from that, the application process is really about how much coverage you need and how long of a term you would like to secure.

Begin your online application today!


Need a Notary? Real estate transactions, financial documents, and more!

From time to time, we all have documents that need to be notarized. Your Credit Union has certified Notary Publics that can notarize your documents.

The person whose signature is being notarized must be present to sign the document(s) and present a valid ID.

This service is free to all members and available at most branch locations.

Just to be safe, give your local branch a call to set up a time to have your documents notarized.


If you’re thinking about retiring within the next five years, then it’s time to start making certain your finances will be in place when you’re ready.

Saving for retirement is only one piece of the retirement planning puzzle. If you’re within five years of retirement, you need to also start planning for how you’ll retire – a critical step to ensure your financial security throughout the years ahead.

The following can get you started:

  • Take account of your finances
  • Make informed pension decisions
  • Read up on the Social Security rules
  • Take stock of your investments
  • Detail your retirement expenses
  • Check-up on your medical insurance
  • Know your retirement needs
  • Always fund your 401k
  • Learn all you can about your employer’s pension fund
  • Contribute to an IRA
  • Find a competent advisor you trust, and get their opinion

Fewer than half of all Americans have calculated how much they need to save for retirement. You need to know where you stand and what steps you can take to ensure you’re ready.

Remember: most of us spend 20 years on average in retirement. By having a plan for your retirement you will be able to reduce your stress and worries, and that’s worth a lot.

At APCO Investment Services, we are glad to provide help to our members in working through this important process. For more information on this and other financial topics, or for a complimentary financial consultation, contact Mike Lewallen at 205-226-6866.

Securities sold, advisory services offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. (CBSI), member FINRA/SIPC. Not NCUA/NCUSIF/ FDIC insured. May Lose Value, No Financial Institution Guarantee. Not a deposit of any financial institution.