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In an effort to better protect you, your Credit Union has added new security features to its online banking.

Members who access multiple accounts online will now be required to strengthen the security of their passwords.  This new security feature is part of our continuing efforts to keep you and your private information safe and secure.

In addition, members enrolling for the first time and members who need to change their existing passwords will now be required to select a stronger password which meets the following criteria:

  • At least 8 characters
  • No more than 12 characters
  • Contain at least two of the following character types:

– Uppercase letters
– Lowercase letters
– Numbers
– Special characters (! # $ * ? @ . – _)


Other restrictions on your password:

  • Not contain your user ID
  • Not be consecutive numbers or letters (such as 1234 or abcd)
  • Not be numbers or letters in a series (such as 111111 or aaaaaa)
  • Not contain your address
  • Not contain your Social Security number
  • Not contain your phone number
  • Not contain your name
  • Not contain the word ‘Password’
  • Not contain special characters other than ‘! # $ * ? @ . _’

If you have any questions about online banking, please contact us at 1-800-249-2726 or stop by one of our branch locations.


Below is a video on how to setup and use your new APCO My Virtual StrongBox, a virtual safety deposit box unlike anything you’ve ever used.

The My Virtual StrongBox is FREE to any APCO Employees Credit Union member who is signed up to use the FREE online banking service.

For more information about APCO My Virtual StrongBox, read this blog post or contact us.

To sign up for online banking, click here or contact us.

Thank you for supporting your Credit Union!


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

Well you know “the most wonderful time of the year” is approaching. But it may not seem so wonderful if after making your list, you’re not sure how you can make the holidays happen. A holiday loan from your Credit Union can help.


Everywhere You Go

With a holiday loan, you can determine your budget and stick to it by using cash for your purchases. You’ll get a low interest rate, the convenience of payroll deduction where available and friendly loan officers that like to say yes.

Although we do not offer refunds based on the tax refund you may receive, we do offer one pay loans you may set up to pay back when you receive your bonus or income tax refund.


Soon The Sales Will Start

Don’t wait until the holidays are upon you. Plan now and talk to your Credit Union about a loan to make your holidays happy ones. Stop by or call any of our offices for an APCO holiday loan.


Why go to the Credit Union when we can bring the Credit Union to you?

All you need is internet access and you can start banking online at your own pace and at your own place.


Online Banking… Complete Convenience

Online banking is fast, flexible and free! You’ll be able to check your balances, check your account activity, and transfer funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call or stop by any of our offices for a MAP application or complete the MAP form online on our website. Then mail it, fax it, or drop it by and we’ll get you set up.

In addition to online banking, you will receive e-statements. With e-statements, you’ll have access to your account information faster than if you received statements in the mail. You’ll be able to view your current statement by the end of the first business day of each month or each quarter. You’ll also have the last 18 months of your statement history saved electronically. Then, if absolutely necessary, you can print the statement you need.

E-statements will not only save a tree or two, but you can also reduce the clutter on your desk, kitchen counter, or in your filing cabinet. Viewing your statements online is also safer than having them mailed to you because you won’t need to be concerned about a thief raiding your mailbox. Greener, faster, safer. What’s not to like?


Online Bill Pay… Complete Control

If you like the convenience of banking online, you’ll like paying your bills online, too. No more stamps, no more writing checks, and no more worrying about late or lost mail. Just spend a minute or two setting up your account online and then get ready to pay your bills with a quick click of your mouse. It’s free, give it a try!

APCO online banking and online bill pay are the better way to bank. Because you’re busy living.

APCO Credit Union is pleased to introduce My Virtual StrongBox, an added feature of Online Banking.

You have major life events — births, marriages, mortgages, cars, wills – that each have an important document attached. Storing and protecting those documents can be a hassle, especially when the sensitive information they contain can help you in an emergency.

My Virtual StrongBox lets you access your information when it’s most needed. You can keep copies of medical histories, insurance information, titles, deeds, tax information — all at your fingertips.


Your Online Safe

You may ask why you should store documents in My Virtual StrongBox when other ‘cloud storage’ providers offer more space. The answer is security.

Think of your favorite cloud storage provider (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) as a garage. It holds a lot is convenient, but do you trust it to keep your most precious documents and important records?

My Virtual StrongBox is more like a safe or a safety deposit box — it offers just enough storage for CRITICAL files, backed by our promise of total information privacy. Only YOU can read and use files you’ve stored in the system, and only YOU have the keys to open your account.

Your documents are protected by several layers of security, including:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secure, protected servers
  • Encrypted file uploads


How to Use

My Virtual StrongBox is only available to members who have signed up for Online Banking (learn how to sign up here at

To begin, just login to your Online Banking account and look for the link at the top of the page.

You can watch the following video to see how to setup and use your My Virtual StrongBox account.


Log in or sign up for APCO Online Banking and start storing your documents today.


Pictured from l-r: V. Merrill Mann, President and CEO of APCO Employees Credit Union, Cayleigh Cummings of Children’s of Alabama, and Derrick Ragland, COO of APCO Employees Credit Union

Thanks to your generous support, the 2013 APCO Credit Union for Kids Charity Golf Tournament raised more than $26,000 this year for Children’s of Alabama!

A check for $26,325 was presented Tuesday to Children’s of Alabama by V. Merrill Mann, President and CEO of APCO Employees Credit Union, and Derrick Ragland, COO.  The donation was the largest in the nine years APCO Employees Credit Union has been hosting the charity golf tournament.

The 2013 tournament was held October 14th at the Grayson Valley Country Club in Birmingham.

APCO Employees Credit Union has worked with Children’s of Alabama through Credit Unions For Kids for more than 16 years.



We were thrilled today to present Charlotte Seals with a new iPad Mini!

Charlotte visited with us last month during an APCO Rewards presentation at our Inverness branch. Charlotte’s name was chosen during a random drawing last week.

If you want to learn more about APCO Rewards, please visit or read our blog.

We appreciate YOU and all of our APCO Employees Credit Union members!


New employees of Alabama Power learned more about APCO Employees Credit Union during a forum today at the BJCC in downtown Birmingham.


More than 200 employees of Alabama Power gathered Thursday at the BJCC.  The employees have been hired at Alabama Power within the past 12 months.

APCO Employees Credit Union talked with the employees about the benefits of becoming a member and helped many of them sign up.

To learn more about becoming a member of APCO Employees Credit Union, please visit



Caitlin Brothers, marketing director, and Merrill Mann, President and CEO, draw the winner of an iPad Mini giveaway. Members had the chance to enter the drawing during recent APCO Rewards events at the Alabama Power HQ in downtown Birmingham and the APCO Employees Credit Union branch in Inverness.

For more information about APCO Rewards, please visit


Let us reward you!

Prizes offered to you and other members of APCO Employees Credit Union were on display Wednesday in the Inverness branch of APCO Employees Credit Union.

Alabama Power employees and members browsed a sample of prizes offered to members who earn points through APCO Rewards. Points are earned by simply using an APCO VISA Debit card. The more you use your card for purchases, the more points you earn.

Every 3 months, each member enrolled in APCO Rewards will receive a postcard with points accumulated that quarter and instructions on how to redeem them. Members may choose to redeem points immediately or bank them for up to two years.

For more information, please visit  You can also get answers to frequently asked questions about APCO Rewards here.